Super Hots

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Our next (different) Batch will be coming by June!
Homegrown, Home Fermented, Home Batched/ Homemade Hot Sauce!

  • 5 oz Bottles
  • Mix of "Super Hots" Peppers with Scovilles of 1M+
  • Fermented 2 years in a vinegar brine to tame the heat.


We've been making our own scratch hot sauces for about 8 years now. Every single one different. Every single one is awesome (IMO).
We practice industry standard food safe practices for bottling. Our growing process is an outdoor environment free from added chemicals.
We ensure proper PH balance for a shelf stable product. Even after opening! Though as a standard it's recommended to refrigerate after opening 
We brought the mother fucking heat in the most palatable way with this one. Very proud of it.
Thanks everyone for your support and interest.